Friday, June 13, 2008

Brochure Design: Keep It Simple!

Keeping brochure design visually simple can be hard for some customers. Small business owners tend to wear many hats and one of them frequently is the frugal buyer. As a small business entrepreneur, they generally demand more "BANG" for the buck in all that they purchase, including a new brochure design. Most customers who've contacted me over the past twenty years about a new brochure designed for their business, want to pack in as much information as possible. The logic that using every square millimeter to espouse the benefits of doing business with them, only leads to a less effective message. A better value is not always quantity, especially if you overwhelm the reader with too much to text to read. Buying quantity may be the best way of purchasing wholesale widgets, though that same psychology fails horribly when preparing for an effective brochure .


Anonymous said...

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Blog Admin said...

Great Stuff Man...I am really impressed. Brochure Designing is a great way to represent your business and you are right that we should keep it simple. Appreciation man ..Cheers!